Italian school of ski and snowboard


Italian freestyle champion Matteo Giatsza will teach Ice City visitors to ski and snowboard.

In Uzbekistan, the first, and so far the only, covered Ski Slope skiing and snowboarding track has appeared, which is designed to work all year round. It is part of the Ice City sports and entertainment complex. The project of the route was created with the participation of the famous Italian specialist Matteo Giatsza, who trains instructors and often personally helps visitors to learn the basics of alpine skiing.

Matteo Giatsza – pioneer of snowboarding in Italy, holder of the title of champion of the country in freestyle. For four years he was a member of the national alpine skiing team, and for a year he spent more time in the national team on a telemark.

For more than 30 years, Giazza has been organizing sports festivals, developing courses for international competitions, creating exclusive snow parks at home and around the world. One of the hundreds of completed projects is a snow park for freeriders in the famous ski resort Courmayeur.

Ski Slope has become a professional challenge for a foreign specialist. Matteo Giatsza’s responsibilities include ensuring the stable operation of the track, monitoring the production of snow and training instructors.

“In my career, this is the first snow track located inside the complex, designed to work throughout the year. I usually participate in seasonal projects that last five to seven days, maximum a month, if weather conditions allow. We managed to create an excellent platform for mastering the basics of skiing and snowboarding. The track is well-covered, safe, the angle of inclination is 12 °. This is enough to learn how to slow down, make the first turns. which we produce here from filtered water, one of the best in the world in quality. It’s not entirely correct to compare with what lies in the mountains, since the structure of snow cover depends on many factors. . For Ski Slope this snow is generated, which is best suited for training beginners and amateurs “, – says Matteo Giatsza.

Skiing and snowboarding are extreme sports and involve some risk. His probability increases if a person is too self-confident and tries to learn to ride in the mountains on his own. It’s another thing when a professional works with a man in a closed area. At Ski Slope, safety is paramount. It consists in correctly instructing visitors and strictly enforcing the rules.

Very soon, a ski and snowboard school will be opened on the basis of the Ski Slope track in Ice City, where everyone who is willing to be supervised by instructors will be able to learn to ride from scratch. Training is designed for amateurs.

Classes are planned in groups of four to five people. Children from 4-5 years old are admitted to children’s groups.

Enrollment in the school of alpine skiing and snowboarding opens on March 20.

You can get acquainted with the life of the fabulous city of Ice City and see its sights, including the snow trail, today – the festive week of open doors has been announced in the complex. This means that from March 14 to March 20, the deposit ceases to be mandatory. Rides are paid according to the price.

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